Tuesday, November 11, 2008

circle journals...

I'm in a couple of circle journals at Scrapbooks.com. I'm in one, where we send out scheduled layouts, one a month...but in another, where it is being sent randomly. They are both fun. Mine for November is going out this Thursday.

Sometimes, the topics are tough. One I've done is "Hope Happens". Wow.
the next, I'm working on is "Celebrating the Woman You've Become" Wowza.

We are also planning a circle journal for the local group. This will be your 5 favorite songs, we plan to make a cd of all the songs. This should be fun.
I'm thinking of something chronological.. my first fave song as an 11 yr old was Partridge Family, "I think I love you"...then as a teenager...then as a young woman/mother...then recent years...my fave today.

Gee its kinda hard to limit to 5.

Side note, if you have a Stampin Up demonstrator handy, get that Parisian Summer paper...it is gorgeous!

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