Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Today is the day!

Today is the day we find out whether I am having a granddaughter or grandson.

I was taking a poll at work and amongst the family, when I left work yesterday it was at a ties...11 votes boy, 11 votes girl..

Its funny what people based their votes on...

here are some of the funniest:

my mom: guess Japanese conventional wisdom is that when a woman is pregnant with a boy, her face looks mean...Nyki does not look 'mean' so, girl.

my son in law: most of the guys in the shop have girls, so he thinks there is something in the atmosphere that zaps the boy gene, since both J and Nyki worked in the cal lab...his vote, girl

co-worker Dan: - my husband's family are all boys (3 of them) of the 3 boys all had sons...but only 2 girls...boys outnumber girls..so his vote, boy.

daughter: Nyki has not gained weight in her face, and you cannot tell she is preggo from the back...her vote, boy

me: whenever I talk about my future grandchild, I keep saying 'he'...though I would love a granddaughter to buy all the pink froo-froo stuff for... my vote, boy

oh, Gordon had the one that made me laugh the most...when asked what J and Nyki are going to have, he said..."A Marine"! (they are both former Marines)
(his vote when I got him down to gender...a girl)

Its pretty even...but today we find out.

One thing I have changed my mind about...instead of shopping tomorrow..I'm going tonight!! Just one outfit!! or two, or three...


Sandra Collins said...

so exciting

Lily said...

rofl...love the old wives tales. I am betting on a boy (baby all in front)