Monday, November 24, 2008

DH has just left..

for a 3 day trip to Pismo with his buddy...FREEEEEEDOMM!!!!

okay, first thing, NO MORE NEWS CHANNEL!! time for country music videos.

2nd thing...S H O P P I N G!!
though I went last night with my ddil..she took me to her church that was having a trade as one bazaar...very cool. Did find a few unique things for people on my list..and got myself a bracelet. ONe item is one of these is made of recycled magazine pages.

3rd thing...I don't have to leave for work till I'M GOOD AND READY!! No more, leaving at 7:15...AND I get to leave for home when I clock more waiting till after 5 or 5:30.

4th...Percy and I can HOG the bed!!

5th...Whatever I want to watch on tv!!

3 days is perfect, just enough time to enjoy my freedoms...but not too long, where I start to miss the stinker.

(note countdown to tomorrow, we find out if I'm having a granddaughter or grandson..but ya'll won't know till Weds!!)

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Lida said...

Enjoy your time and have fun shopping!!!!