Thursday, November 6, 2008

Country Life is fun!

Yesterday @5pm, our electricity went out. I was in the middle of journaling for a circle journal I'm involved in.

Right about that time, dh was taking the garbage out. This has to be done by tractor. Anyways, apparently 2 power poles (oops correction, the line between 2 poles) in the field across from us...fell.
He did not see them fall, but he heard the crackling as small parts of the field caught fire. He called T.I.D, our electric company, and head out there to put some dirt on the fire...and redirect traffic till T.I.D was able to send a truck.

You know the fence fire we had last month, this was directly across the street from that area.

So, we walked around the house with our flashlights, had pb&j for dinner and finally went to bed around 5:30pm. Couldn't do anything else...

Its just one adventure after another for us!

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