Friday, November 21, 2008

next week....I can't wait

I scrapped a little. Not much, just finished some pages for the 'family album'.

Tomorrow is a crop, so the question is 'which project'?

Feels like so much is going on... dd and husband are coming down for Thanksgiving, just can't wait. On the 25th we find out if the grandbaby is a boy or girl...really can't wait!!!

Ooooh, Fox News is talking to Joe the Plumber...geee, what our government has become!!
Makes me think of the phrase, "Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely".

okay, off the side note.

I got my auction giclee print!! I bought it on the cruise, it's called "Venetian Window" by Bressanello...of course it is on the floor right now. Could be a while before it is put up on the wall! AND dh told me I could get my other watercolors from Italy framed. Soooo, I've got to make a trip to Michael's.

We are actually starting to decorate the master bedroom. Why is that the last room done? Guess cuz people will see the other rooms, and most won't see your bedroom.

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