Thursday, November 13, 2008

still adjusting..

I'm having a tough time adjusting my schedule. During the summer, I could come home @6pm...slam some dinner...then work out on the treadmill @8 while watching tv.

Now, when we get home, it is pitch dark..sometimes we skip a dinner,(can you say, bowl of ceeal) and then I dvr my shows, so I can go to bed.

DH suggested that since I get up earlier, I should switch my treadmill time to the morning. But even getting up at 6am...we leave for work at 7:15..and I don't see the time to eat a li'l something and treadmill and shower it is he is usually waiting for me.

BUT I do have a solution. Since, I clock out at work at 4 (thats when the brain runs dry)..and spend the rest of the hour to hour and a half waiting for dh...(we commute together)..we can bring my treadmill to the office! and I'll do it then! PERFECTO!!

I took the day off from work. Got a list of errands to do. I seriously don't see how women who work full time also manage their households. Esp young mothers. There are so many things that have to be done during the day, during work hours. At least in our town, bank and post office close before I get home.

(We also have a 45 minute commute each way, and that is why we ride together.)

so on my to-do list: workout w/Kristen, bank, post office, Terry's, grocery store (we are on empty), lunch w/mom...and a little shopping (?). )(We have to drive about 30 minutes for that. Our town only has a Savemart and a Longs) (but a taco bell opened recently, we are getting so metropolitan) But no mall, or Walmart or M's or J's or anything like that, yet.

better get started!

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