Sunday, November 23, 2008

good day, bad night..

had a great day, CROPPED from noon till 10pm!! Now, that is a wonderful day.

We had a lasagna potluck. Yuuuuummm!

Got quite a bit done, some pages may need to be redone, and embellished.

Got home, got in bed, and dh tells me..oh, ds (who was visiting when I left) got a call, he is working tonight.

Ds JUST finished his Field Training, on Friday!! He was supposed to start his regular, patrol, in a car by himself on Monday morning...not on a Saturday night.

Needless to say, I did not get much sleep. Kept waking up, "please God, watch over him...make it a boring night..." "Hi God, its me again, I know I can trust in you, but watch over my J" Every 2 to 3 hours. I woke up at one point, it was a little after 4am.."Oh good, if his shift ended at 2...we're clear, cuz there have been no phone calls saying, could you meet us at the hospital? oh, wait, what if his shift ends at 6?"

Here is my dream conversation:
me: Hi Mr. Police Chief, this is Karen M, Jason M's mom.

mpc: Hello, Karen M...what can I do for you.

me: I just wanted to point out how wonderful, intellegent my son is and he is soooo much better suited for a nice desk job. He knows how to type and is even pretty good at math... And his mom worries everytime he goes to work, the gray hairs are popping out as I speak.

mpc: Oh, silly us, why would we put such an outstanding man on our streets where he has to deal with sh__theads with guns!! You are right, a young man such as this belongs in an office where his greatest danger is a papercut! I will transfer him right away.

me: Thank you, your box of Godiva Chocolates is on its way.

even better:

me: J, have you considered the exciting world of floral arranging?

J: You know mom, I've already been looking. Here is my practice bouquet filled with pretty daisies.

of course, I'll be worried about him getting a staph infection from a rose thorn...

I'll be taking a nap this afternoon.

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