Saturday, November 15, 2008

my head is 'spinning'

hmmmmm, so much going on in my 'noodle', I'm not sure how to or if I should share this.

I have been reading the Twilight series. When I saw the commercials for the movie, I thought it looked so 'thrilling', so I got the book. And the book was EXCELLANT. The (sex free) passion, love and commitment...The angst of a consuming love...wowza.

So, I got book 2, and it got me thinking, what is Edward's appeal? Is he the Rhett Butler of today? So, I thought, it is because he is so committed to Bella, that he gives up his own 'appetites' to be with her, to protect her, to love her. Contrast that with the young men of today. And maybe that is what appeals.

(though I have my own theories as to why our young men are the way they are)
something about how they are getting sex so early, sometimes by Jr. High, so why should they commit to a relationship?

[side note, my sis sent me an article about a book about 'Trophy Kids' and the workplace...but it is interesting how this article points out we have a whole generation who feel 'entitled' and its our (the parents') fault]

Book 2, was difficult to read, Book 3, was okay...pulls somethings together well.
Then Book 4...haven't finished it, but when it switches from Bella's narrative to Jacob' lost something. So, I read the end and put it down. (That's what I do when I read the ending. It usually means I won't finish the book)

Anyways, it started a whole new train of thought...

bear with me...or not..

many years ago, when dd was in grade school, a series of books came out, called Goosebumps. I hated it then, I hated how it gave kids a little, harmless taste of the occult. I hated hearing parents say, "well, at least my kids are reading". I even went to the principal and asked they take it off their shelves (its a Catholic school, I did not see any issue with them making a stand against the occult). Which they did not do.

Then, Harry Potter came on the scene. And commercialized the occult. I refused to read them, have anything to do with them. Became a cutural phenomenom...which I ignored. Did not sweep my kids, so why worry.

Now we have all types of ghost hunter shows on the tube. Okay, change the channel.

Now, we have Twilight. Twilight is not bad, the writing is good, the story compelling. Though it deals with vampires and warewolves, it is not gory or violent. Though it deals with passion, it is not pornographic. BUT, I'm thinking it would leave an appetite for this type of fiction for our preteens and young...and not all of these types of books are as tasteful So, when they finish these 4 books, where will they turn...and how hardcore will these books be?

And I think back to my teen years, and the cultural phenom of Star Wars. Do you remember how stupid kids got, even starting to "believe" in the force.

So, with Twilight, is being 'goth' going mainstream? I guess, in many ways it has.
touches of it in fashion, home design, and even scrapbooking.

I have a 12 year old neice, who is reading the is she going to change? Right now, she is one of the sweetest, most giving young ladies you could ever want to know. But as she enters her teen years, will she go 'goth'? will she go 'emo'? Cuz its the fashion? Cuz 'everyone' else is?

And as we have gone from Goosebumps to Harry Potter to Twilight...what is next?
(oh came to me...but I can't write the words)

I don't really know where I am going with this; but these are the concerns, thoughts that have been raised in my mind and heart.

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