Saturday, January 3, 2009

a li'l disappointment yesterday

soo, I'm working on my Journal Your Christmas, and it's going pretty good, I get to day 19, and little hp photosmart has a message for me... 'ink cartridge failed. Please replace cartridge' Huh? this cartridge is less than a month old?

how could it fail?

Guess I'm going to WM's to buy another one, I hope that will correct the problem, but I'm not too optimistic. How does such a new cartridge fail? I haven't printed that many pics on it? I'm confused.

I also need to buy my bin for my bills...time to think about preparing for April 15th, yuck.

Well, here's my day 2 of project 365...this is Marshall, begging for a piece of my bbq chicken. While we were living in the trailer, dh made it a habit to feed Marshall our food. They would sit together in the dining booth and dh
would feed him. I told him, he was "teaching the cat bad habits". He would just respond, "Awww, we are buddies". But since moving into the house, Marshall has just gotten ruder and ruder, to the point where he is grabbing food off your plate whenever he can. I am sitting at the table, Marshall is standing to reach the table, and his paw is making its way to my plate...he is a pain. But we love him.


DebW said...

I think you need to change Marshall's name to "No,No, Bad Cat!"
He is a cutie though!!

Gabrielle said...

Look at that face! SO CUTE! :)