Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday morning

We are leaving later for work, on Sat morning, dh found an ACH on our bank account that we did not authorize. He went to the bank Sat morning, only to have the teller tell him we needed to contact the company and have them refund us. But in the meantime, you are out of this amount (@$1200). sooooooo, he calls the company first thing this morning, after being sent to "Escalation" twice, he was sent to "fraud" only to be told he needs to have the bank reverse the payment. So, we are off to the bank this morning, again...
I think he should ask for a manager, this time. We may end up having to close this account, which is a pain in the rear, as we do have some automatic payments coming out of it...our car insurance, his tractor payment, the Sallie Mae school loans..whatta pain as we will have to make changes.

I did work on my Proj 365 layout over the weekend. Kept it real simple, as I don't want to overwhelm myself and end up not doing it at all. Soooo glad I put the pics on the blog, as I actually forgot what I took a couple of the days!

The rest of the weekend was spent being lazy.

But J and Nyki stopped by yesterday afternoon, they were looking at houses. Found 3 they liked, one in a better city,(less a commute for J) smaller, cost more but meets their needs. 2 out here in our small town, cost less, meets their needs and wants, so we all discussed what we liked/did not like so they could decide which house to put an offer on. I really like the house they were leaning toward, but it does have an odd shaped kitchen and no pantry. (has cabinets in the dining area) which Nyki did not like...but the rest of the house was coooool. Little courtyard area when you walk in, wrought iron stairs, 3rd seperate we'll just have to see.

okay, Proj 365

Saturday morning, ice on our cars. Now, we live in the middle of CA, we dont' get snow, so this is as close as we get.

Sunday afternoon, Percy enjoying a little bit of sunshine. It's been so foggy and gloomy, this little bit of sunshine is such a relief. Still colder than heck out there, but ahhhhh....

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Tasha said...

Sorry about your problems with the bank! I hope you get it all straightened out.