Monday, January 26, 2009


actually it was a very nice some nice pictures. We went down to Lompoc for the wedding, since Solvang was 30 min away, spent a nice morning there.
took some cool pics for P365...come home this morning...plug in my camera...and...'card read error'. huh? I was taking pics all weekend with this card, and now it won't read?

put it in my photo printer, same message.

change to a new card in my camera, no message. so the problem IS this old card. but how do you 'fix' that? are all my pics from the weekend gone? wha?????

Then to make matters a li'l worse, I have the worst sinus headache, EVER!! like my head is pulsating and ready to explode. Even tylenol sinus is not helping.

also, let me know if you fellow bloggers have run into this. When I came back this weekend had a half dozen random comments for my blog. Odd statements from people I don't know. So I rejected them, but is this a new troll or spam tactic?so, unless I recoginize ya from the 2 peas or personally, I ain't gonna accept your comments.

and I'm having 'mouse' issues, had to re-plug it in once already.
so, I'm calling it a good day to go back under the covers.

hope your Sunday is better!

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