Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thought I'd post a couple of 365 pics:

for the 12th, Dh's annoying habits # 19 and #22, he leaves his hats on the back of my dining chairs and shoes in front of the door.

for the 13th, my sis sent me this red pitcher. Long story...hmmm, to make it short, when I went down to her house last month, I...ummmm "pilfered" a little blue teapot from her home. When I sent her a 'proof of life' photo of the little teapot among my collection, Bre noted that I collect teapots and pitchers. So, she sent me this red one for my collection, as she pointed out, I did not have 'room for it in my suitcase'. It's an ongoing family joke...

off to work! too much fun for me!!


Benita said...

Great pics. Love the red pitcher!

Casii said...

Cute the joke between you and your sis!