Saturday, January 10, 2009

an interesting morning...

My mom and may cat are 'fighting'. How do you 'fight' with a cat, you ask?

My mom is not a cat person, in fact she won't sit on my couch because of the cathair.

The other morning, she caught Percy sitting in one of the dining room chairs, so she started to yell at him and move the chair so he would leave. He did leave, with a lot of growling and hissing. I told her, she should not have done that. (this is not their first encounter like this)I try to tell her that Percy is the boss of this house and he can sit wherever he likes.

This morning, I was in bed reading, with Percy cuddled next to me. Mom came into the room and started to tell me the Sports News. While talking about Oklahoma's loss, she got a little loud...well, Percy reacted. He started to growl, hiss and strike at her with his paw. She screamed and ran from the room...aye yi yi.

I told her its because she started to get loud and he remembers the other day. DH thinks he was 'protecting' me. She calls him a 'devil cat' (remember she's Japanese, and I think Japanese folklore is not real friendly about cats) because his face transforms, his eyes 'glow' and his back gets all "big" when he does that.

like a couple of kids, I tell ya. though I wish I had my camera for a picture!!

so, here is project 365 for yesterday:

Mom and I are the queens of leftovers, between the 2 of us, we actually do pretty good at eating them..but with dh out of town, we have quite a collection. I should probably clear it out a bit.

Today, finish putting up last of Christmas decorations. and Scrap, I hope to play with project 365 page, and work on the Christmas Journal...and...

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Kerry McKibbins said...

That is so funny about the cat!
Hmmmm, I seem to be the only person NOT doing the 365 thing.