Tuesday, January 27, 2009

P365 update...

okay, on the messed up card, for Thurs the 22nd, a pic of Cassandra 'peeking' at me from the dining room table, half her face is hidden.

for Fri the 23th, a cooooool pic of the sunset on Fri evening, as we were heading west on hiway 41...after a rainstorm the last bits of light streaming thru a dark cloud.

for Sat the 24th, either pic from Solvang or the wedding. (I may have to 'borrow' one from Don...who also took pics that day)

this is Sunday the 25th, we had a weird weather day, sudden storm and hail. Here is the sky afterwards.

Monday the 26th, the ceiling at Cheesecake Factory. A friend, Lucy, is visiting from Florida and a group of us met her there. I should have had the waitress take a group shot, but she had already taken a couple and I was shy...

and today, Tues the 27th, this is one of the lion statues in front of our favorite Chinese restaraunt...we were coming home late, so we stopped by for takeout.
Poor dh, I even hopped out of the car as we were leaving to snap this.


jillconyers said...

Fun 365 photos! I love the Cheesecake Factory :)

Benita said...

Great pictures! Love the sky pic the best!