Monday, January 5, 2009

Its Monday, and guess what...

I'm not at work. I was going to go...but ended up making calls for my mom, about her insurance and the urgent care visit in July that they did not pay. Oh what the time I got off the phone, it was 9am, so it did not make sense to me to drive to work (45 min) to leave work at 1:30 to drive to my dentist appt (a little over 1 hour) to go home (another 40 minutes). I'd work about 3 hours, and drive at least that long. But I got stuff done, more phone calls for mom, post office, dentist. Oh, and a nice nap-py-pooh.

I spent yesterday reading, Midnight Sun, the telling of Twilight from Edward's point of view. Oooooo=weeeh! be still my beating heart. be warned though, its over 200 pages, so don't think its a quick read. I can't wait till this is in print, so I can have it in my collection. (to share with dd, of course..nah, she can get her own copy)

so here are my Project 365 pics:

day 3, Saturday, are the Christmas decorations waiting to be boxed. We started un-decorating. But did not finish all of it. ALL 3 of our backs were aching by the time we were done.

day 4, Sunday, I just took a picture of the spaghetti dh was making. He makes his own from scratch sauce and this was an extra yummy batch. He caught me taking the pic, and said, 'Hey, you didn't stir!!"

day 5, Monday, saw the silhouette of this tree while driving home from the dentist, it fit the mood of the afternoon....its been a cold foggy sprinkly day out here. this was taken at 3:30 this afternoon, but, hey, it is good 'Edward' weather!! (Oh, I am just losing it, ain't I)

Okay, guess I'll take me and my drooly mouth to another room. See if I can accomplish SOMETHING today. I'd scrap, but I am starting to feel headachy now that the numbing is wearing off. Don't you hate going to the dentist?, but then I was thinking all these fillings and missing teeth will make me easy to identify if needed. Man, I watch too many forensic crime shows don't I?

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Sarah C. said...

Hope you are feeling better today! Great photos. The last one is creepy looking - would be great for a Halloween layout. :)