Monday, January 26, 2009


Monday morning,
feeling much better! Maybe all the drugs I took zonked me out, so I slept well.

Mom is in a 'state'. She's been declaring, "how nice it was when dh and I were gone". oh and yelling "SonOfaB___" at Bloggo, the governor.. that's the fun of mom, grumble,grumble, mumble, mumble and her talking to the tv.

Something good happened yesterday, ds and dil started the paperwork to buy a house out here. It was a tough choice, with a list of pro's and con's. Nice house for less but longer commute.

But my camera card is still out. I'm going to take it to work's IT guy and see if he says there is anything to be done. sooooo...disappointed.

Off to work, I'm meeting Lucy, my friend from Florida for lunch today. Actually it sounds like a group of us are. Soooo...that could be very nice. I'll get pics, hopefully the new card won't implode, and I'll be able to keep them.

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NancyJones said...

Glad your feeling better.