Wednesday, January 14, 2009

whatta day!!

what can I say, just glad its almost over!

1st thing, we check our bank acct. Guess what, another fraudulent ACH...same company...the first time you hope its a transposed numbers...2nd time...umm no, I don't think so. So, we signed another affidavit, and when this money is returned, we will take the steps of closing the account. And both the bank and the company are going to investigate. (we did get the 1st amount back today)(I think, its a draft, as of this afternoon)

2nd, a co-worker forgot to shut down the Quickbooks program. So it did not backup yesterday's inputs and was corrupted, so it had to be shut down. But when it was rebooted, no entries from yesterday. So, I had to spend the morning re-inputting all my work from yesterday.

Now, did this happen on a day when I did not input very much? Oh no, it happened on the day I must have input over 30 journals...and some were in a different months. Oh Joy. I had visions of torture for this co-worker, luckily, he did not arrive till after noon...when I had calmed down. But there are others, whose re-entry were even more of a nightmare.(imagine a company inventory)
I'm glad I'm not Betsy, who left for a week vacation yesterday, and will return to learn that all she gone.

I finally told myself, "you know, you get paid by the hour." And when he did come in, very contrite, I told him to figure out the meal he makes better than anyone else...and that is what he owes us. (He's a very good cook)

Well, finally home, going to have some taco soup...then hit the couch. Hope something good is on...oh, isn't Top Chef on tonight?

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Sarah C. said...

Oh my goodness! What a stressful day. Ugh. Hope you had a nice relaxing evening after all of that. :) And, the taco soup sounds delicious.