Friday, January 23, 2009

my random letter.

Lee at Lemons to Lemonade posted a writing prompt she found at Slightly Off Centre. So, yesterday I asked to play along, she sent me my random letter....M....

The rules of the game are simple. Once assigned a letter, you are to post 10 things you love which begin with that letter. If you want to play, saying you want to play in my comment area, or at Lee's, (as I'll be out of town till Sunday), you'll be assigned a random letter...and on and on it goes.

So in no particular order are my M's:

1) Music - easy, huh. I love all kinds of music, except screaching metal and x-rated Hip Hop. I love Country, Pop, Rock, Christian and even the songs from Musicals. In my scraproom, today, I have the following cd's: Mandy Moore (pilfered from dd's collection when she went to college) Cristina Aguilera (I think Stripped, is one of the best cd's ever, with the exception of a couple of songs), Michael Buble, Daughtry, KT Tunstall, The Temptations, Toby Keith, Rich Mullins, Fergie, Joss Stone, the London cast production of Les Miserables...

2) Movies - who does not love movies. Actually for me, the movies I LOVE are the older ones. I passed on CSI last night, so I could watch Gregory Pecks' The Big Country...Gregory Peck, Jean Simmons, Charlton Heston, Burl Ives, Chuck can you beat that. I just love the old movies, from the 30's to the
50's. Classics...have you ever seen "This Land is Mine" with Charles Laughton. Or To Each His Own with Olivia De Havilland. Now, THAT is acting and stories worth telling. Not the crap we get today.

3) Musicals - again the old Rodgers and Hammerstein type. Oklahoma, Carousel, Sining in the Rain, I've always loved these. When dd studied theater, I was introduced to the Theatrical Musicals, like Les Mis (Eponine's "On my Own") and Phantom of the Opera, and .... How to Succeed in Business (only cuz dd was in that one)...anyways...Musicals... I hear Wicked is playing in San Fran...gotta talk the dh into it.

4) Mastercard or Visa? I am a shopaholic...period. Now that my kids are grown, its scrap stuff. In the past, it was clothes for dd (ds didn't like the stuff I picked)...she would get a new sack of stuff almost weekly in high school (in college, I'd send her at least 2 packages a month). Now that my first granddaughter is arriving soon...
I've always loved to shop, even as a child. I don't know, it must fulfill some emotional need.

5) Midnight Sun - the online Twilight book that tells the story from Edward's point of view. Oh my... When this gets in print.....I'll have to pre-order it. I don't know if one copy is going to be enough!!

6) Mexican Food - the enchilada is the perfect food. meat, cheese, can you beat this. Seriously, if I could, I would eat it every day. Even the smell of Mexican Food is unbeatable.

7) Mint gum - I drink Pepsi, without mint gum...yikes. I love the Dentyne, Eclipse and Orbit. Gotta have a supply. and while I'm at it, add Mint Ice Cream. If I ever go to Coldstones, its mint icecream with brownies...yummmmmmmm

8) Memorabelia - even before 'making it official' by becoming a scrapbooker, I was one to keep ticket stubs, printed napkins..leaflets..stuff. I have this stuff from High School (mine!!)

9) Mac and Cheese - make it Kraft - I could eat a box...but if Kraft is not available I will make do with Velveeta or homemade, but NEVER generic box stuff.
I used to get it at KFC, though it was the nastiest stuff ever, but I felt compelled every now and then to get it.

10) Maps - I like OLD maps...even collect old Atlas's...stored somewhere is one from the Revolutionary War era. I am one who will flip to the one in the Bible during study. I like the look of them, I don't know, even for me, this is kinda weird.

Okay, enough for this morning. DH and I are off till Sunday, we are going to our former pastor's daughter's wedding. (don't forget extra batteries)...a quick trip.

Should be back in time for Sunday's bible study and church. (there is a guest speaker, a former MLB player..Pettigrew(?)) Ya'll have a good weekend, and if you want to play, go over to Lee's at Lemon's to Lemonade, I'm sure she'll take care of ya.


Linnao said...

Nice idea, a letter list! Made me crave for mexican food, don't have that here (little village in France)!

Lee said...

FANTASTIC! You did a wonderful job with your "M" assignment :) Fun, eh?

Casii said...

We don't do generic mac n cheese here either, but dh keeps buying it, insisting there's no difference! Men!!!
Great M list.