Friday, January 16, 2009

project 365 catchup

Weds 1-14, took a pic of dh's car seat warmer controls. What can I say, ahhhh, its the little things.

Thurs 1-15, the shop ran out of plastic my co-worker Eric has been using tongue depressors...says he gets extra 'fiber'.

Fri 1-16..birthday cake day at the shop...this is the table of birthday people.
The cake was extra good, with a banana and cream filling...

Work was tough again...glad the week is over. I've got Monday off, so that makes things a little better. I hope. I've got oven fried chicken and mac & cheese planned for dinner tonight...ummmmm mac & cheese...I could eat a whole box.

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Rachel said...

That is a classic! The tongue depresser- LOVE IT!