Sunday, June 19, 2011

Adriana's home, the world is 'right' again...

What can I say, I missed her (and her mommy too). They arrived last night, and mommy needed to take care of the church bulletins, sooooo dh and I got to pick up Adriana and take her out for Chinese "noo-nos" aka noodles. We had a great time at the restaurant. We chose not to get her a high chair, she sat in the booth with us. Funny she started out next to me, and stayed there during the cream cheese wonton appetizers. (she loves to 'dip' her food). But once the food was served, she sat in my lap and wanted "grammy help". Soooo, it really worked out, she kept me from overeating, as I could only 'pick' around her.

While waiting, she told us 'like grammy' and threw her arm around my neck and pulled me in for a hug, then she looked across the table and said 'love pa-pa'..and made dh cry. (happy tears) He was soooo happy. It really made his night.

So cool how she is putting together li'l sentences.

We took her home @7:30, by then ds was home (he had to work 6am to 6pm)...and she ran across the yard to him. Guess she missed her daddy. Ddil and I switched cars, so I could have the carseat, so I got to 'hang out' with ds and Adriana while waiting for her. The church copy machine was being difficult, (yay for me) so I got to stay thru shower time and then we watched Kipper on Sprout. It was a great night for me.

on the home front, a pitbull male showed up on Thurs night. He's a good, friendly dog...but our dogs cannot do 3's. Our alpha male, Rocky, gets wiggy and aggressive. He's fine for a short period, but he even starts to attack our other dog, Kema. And we LOVE Kema and will do what is needed to protect him.

This pitbull has all the qualities we like, but we cannot give him a home. So, I put his pic on Facebook hoping against hope, dh called a pitbull rescue...we can hope, can't we? Then last night, he barked most of the night. He's young and there is a lot going on in the country. Dh was mad...but I told him, "if it was Rocky barking you'd say he was doing his job". I am so sad, and don't want to call the pound to pick him up...but if nothing else works...we'll have to.
Hope against hope with us, please. DD did some internet research for us, to see if anyone is looking for him on the local Craigs list and newspaper. nothing.

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