Sunday, June 26, 2011

a really good book and a quick mini album

After finishing Prisoners of Hope, I picked up The Beach Trees by Karen White (my first book by her) and it was excellent. You are immediately drawn in. I spent all of Friday reading it as I could not put it down. No such luck with the next book, The Matchmaker of Perigord...after 5 chapters had to put it down. Just not worth my time.
I am starting Tarzan of the Apes today. A kinda funny choice, but while on Goodreads it was on one of my 'feeds'...and I just thought, why not??

Yesterday was a big scrapping day for me. I was supposed to go to a crop, but the other ladies started dropping, I did the project I was taking at home. Its a paper bag book for my coworker. As we were leaving for Texas last May, she let dgd take a singing duck toy with her. So, I made a minibook of pictures taken of Adriana with the duck.

this morning, I'll look at it with 'fresh eyes' and add journaling and more embellies.

Then we went to have dinner with the kids. Ds 'owed' me a was terrific. I requested Coq au Vin...but he bbq'd a tri tip, with garlic mashed potatos and a salad. No complaints here!

last night, I hurt myself. I was wearing a knee brace, and as I was going to bed, I still had it on. So I did some kind of twisty/turny maneuver to try to take it off and really hurt my ab area. The pain was sharp and shooting and really took my breath away. GOTTA remember no fast moves, everything must be slow and deliberate.

I just finished 5 weeks after the surgery, only one more week till I start work...but...that does not mean my body is done healing.

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