Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday is fun day! ha!

Pretty funny, after reading the book about the Language of Clothes, while watching parts of the CMT awards, I found myself looking at the women's shoes!! ha!!

My pain was pretty bad yesterday. Just a constant pinch/pull on the left side and an occasional twinge on the left. Did take a pain pill at night. siiiiiigh. When you think its done, its not.

I did get my Anything Goes ATC's finished,
the only thing I changed was the colors, used tea dye and broken china distress inks and used different stamps. My embellies are 'got flowers' with tiny bling. (boy, handling that tiny bling was a li'l difficult)

Last night was fun! On Monday, our electricity went out, and though it came back on our stove/oven has not been working since. DH unplugged it hoping it would 'reboot', but it didn't. So, yesterday, I asked ddil if I could come over there and cook and bake. I had 3 overripe bananas and a recipe for a banana split cake from Betty Crocker's website. (yummy, by the way) And had been in the mood for a taco salad. She said yes, so I brought my stuff (she bought some) and dgd and I cooked and baked. Adriana was a big helper. She did the salad spinner, helped mash the bananas, stirred my taco salad dressing, sampled the grated cheese. She also 'helped' with the cake mixer...she put her hand on tip of mine...and of course, had to introduce her to licking the beaters and spatula...a rite of passage, right?

Of course my camera was left at no pics...oh well, we'll just have to bake another cake another day!! ha!!!

don't worry, both Adriana and I had a piece without frosting, as both of us don't really need that extra chocolate.

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