Friday, June 17, 2011

ATC's with kids and 2 more books!

Weds night the kids came over (their dads do a Bible Study with my dh) and we made ATC's for a swap on splitcoast stampers. So, I made 'kits', but it still was a bit of chaos. But it was okay. One of the girls did not show, so I need one more swapper to fulfill my sign up. One of the boys was here and he'll do cards, but I could not think of/ find cards with young guy stuff. any ideas??
They'll be back next week to finish.

I finished 2 books yesterday. The first was "Csardas" by Diane Pearson. It was really good. It took me 4 days, which throws me off my goal of 20 books in 6 weeks. It is a sweeping historical fiction ala Gone With the Wind...with interesting and flawed characters...and because you know the history, you know the tragedy to come.

Then I grabbed a James Patterson "Don't Blink" to finish the day. It is a fast read, pretty good but pretty cliche. Toward the end, you are telling yourself 'Ah come on, really??"...but hey, gets me closer to my goal.

Tonight, I'm cooking lasagna and banana split cake for my son. My ddil and dgd have been out of town. Ds has been working most of the week and has to work on Saturday also, so I thought mom's lasagna would be nice. He'll be bringing his dog, Gunny Sargeant aka the Gunz...100 lbs of stupid. Seriously, he's a Great Dane and even though he's a good natured dog...he sure is a big galoot. But he gets along with our dogs and can have to opportunity to run out here. He's the dog in my header pic.

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