Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Yesterday I did not get any of my goals done. I have been having pains and a bit of bleeding since Thursday...though it was HORRIBLE on Sunday. So, yesterday was spent being absolutely worthless and lazy. So, I watched the entire 4th season of The Tudors.

Isn't it funny, that King Henry VIII, while looking back on his life, would say "Time is the most irrecuperable, it can never be redeemed". (sorry if my quote is a bit off, I could not find it in writing). After spending the entire day watching 10 episodes...man!! did I agree!

I enjoyed the series, yes, I'm a bit of a prude and don't need that much s*x on my screen...but the portrayal of human nature was fascinating. I truly believe in the adage "Power corrupts, Absolute power corrupts absolutely".

I cheered when Surrey and Culpepper were executed (though I know a lot of the details are conjecture) and irl Surrey and Culpepper could have been innocent of being the obnoxious humanoids they were portrayed to be.

As a Protestant, well, you know which side I was on for the religious battle. So, I cheered when that ugly Cardinal was shunned and asked to leave court. teehee.

I have a special affinity for Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth. One of the first real books I ever read, was Anne of a Thousand Days. Also, she was executed on May 19...my birthday. So, the ending blurbs about how Elizabeth was such a great queen made me cry..Always. Like at the end of The Other Boleyn Girl.

So, the series inspired me to do something I haven't done in YEARS! Are you ready? I used my Encyclopedia. The 1976 Bicentennial edition of Encyclopedia Brittanica that my dad bought. I remembered to use the blue bound editions to look up the subject (Mary 1 of England)...then the red bound for details..book 3 page 222 for biography (wanted to see if she ever got married) AND book 15 page 556 to see why she is called Bloody Mary. So used to 'googling', but it was kinda cool to do it the old fashioned way. ha!!

too funny. For my devotions I am reading "The One Year Christian History" by E. Micheal and Sharon Rusten. The 6-28 entry, about how God used Henry VIII's selfish reasons to bring us the reformation....ha! Here is their blurb "King Henry VIII may have had selfish reasons for forming the Anglican Church, but God usd him for his purposes anyway. The wonder of God's sovereignty is that we don't have to understand why he does what he does. It is enough to know that it is all part of his greater plan for our good and his glory"

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