Thursday, June 2, 2011

"color story", yeah, I went there...

Last night, while talking to dd, I was working on a layout. But just could not make it 'pull together' we were saying our byes, I told her, "Yeah, gotta go, just can't make my color story work". wha? Guess that's what happens when you watch a marathon of Project Runway over the weekend.

So, here is the lo.

I've been working on my ATC's, finished another group for the PATC's yesterday...this has been a lot of fun. With PATC's (pick a theme) instead of doing one card for the group, you do a card in each person's theme. These are for..Paris, tropical fashions, Bahamas (the decorated angel wing) and France (a pic I took in Nice)

BUT all this play in my scrap room has left it a li'l messy...and since, technically I'm not supposed to bend or reach... can you imagine my asking dh to pick up my scraproom??

yeah, not happening, then I'd have to hear all his "you have too much stuff, you should open a store...blah, blah, blah"

Oh, I ended up taking a pain pill last night. I did load the dishwasher in the morning, got on the floor to help dgd put away some stuff, picked up trash from around the house (its trash day) BUT it is when I tried to sort dh's laundry in the closet...I felt the 'pinch' Just to the left of my belly button. Soooo, I'm trying to be good today...really!!!


Just Jaime said...

haha Color story made me laugh!

Scrapbooking for Others said...

Hi, I just found your blog on Looking forward to following you!

ms.schwiet said...

No no no don't open a scrap store just invite me over to play with your scrap goodies