Tuesday, June 21, 2011

finished a scrapbook

dgd's 1st half of 2010...here's a couple of the layouts from yesterday.

found this Little Yellow Bicycle pack and actually fell in love with that orange polka dot paper. Was inspired by a lo in June's Scrapbook Ets, Leah's musical memories that had a sun in the upper right corner...and it grew from there. I used Slice's Big Kids font for the title. and hand drew the stitches...ha!!

this is a very simple lo...I find I simply cannot cut up Prima papers...so just matted the photos, used the CUTE the way it was packaged and that star matt behind the small photo? its the packaging the CUTE came in.

Ya'll have pp like that? Just cannot cut into it. for me it is Prima and Websters Pages...I collect a lot of Websters, but so far, have not used them. Just too pretty to cut up!!

So yay, one book down. I've pulled out dh's 'adventure' book. Only have 5 lo's and it will be done. My only bummer, is years ago, he, my son and a friend went on a 'cruise' (don't think cruise ship, think they had to crew) around the islands in Washington (San Juans, cannot think of the name) and I don't have any pics of that. I do have pics from our trip to Washington, but its not the 'adventure' the album is about. He's been on a snowmobile trip up north into Canada, skydiving, a rafting trip down the Colorado...he's had some adventures.

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