Friday, June 3, 2011

this is what I woke up to...

a gift from Winston:

of course its still I'm not supposed to be bending, and it would not even occur to dh to pick it up!

then I go in the living room to this:

fortunately dh did put it into his closet before leaving for work. I ended up kicking the laundry basket into our bedroom and throughout the day grabbing a couple of things and putting them away.

Last night when he started the laundry, he was putting all his button down shirts in the same load as his tshirts and my pj's (thats all I wear these days). So I told him, 'you know, when I do your shirts, I keep them seperate from the t-shirts"

I feel like that keeps them from getting as wrinkly and helps them to dry quicker.

His response, "well, that is your way, I have my own...and I've got it all under control"

So, I asked, "Are you going to change the litter in the litter box this week? Oh wait, THAT is my way, and YOU have your way" His response, "yeah, and I've got it all under control"

My way is to completely change the litter twice a week. We have 3 boxes and 3 cats.
His way is to scoop the poop then add another layer of litter. The last time the litter has been changed out was when I did it Sunday before my surgery.

I'm not the control freak, micro-manager I used to be...but can I just say it?

His way is driving me C R A Z Y !!

Finished another book today, You've Been Warned, by James Patterson and Howard Roghan...interesting...I won't give it away, but it is an unexpected ending and interesting.

Also got a lo done...actually used a couple of items from a swap I was in at It was themed page elements, I had camping, swimming and beach. So, todays lo I used the waves and a tag someone else had done.

And made ATC kits for the kid swap I'm doing at Splitcoast Stampers...I've got 3 girls doing ATC's, so, I'm setting up basic kits...keep the chaos and mess down when they are actually working on them.

AND just played with an may be the start point for another swap at Splitcoast Stampers. Had an old dictionary, tore a page out, then did a li'l distress ink painting, followed with splotting more distress ink w/perfect pearls....then stamped image in copper (love that copper ink) and then stamped it again. Gotta figure out how to embellish...then I'll take a pic.

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