Sunday, June 12, 2011

genesis of a page...

I got to be crafty yesterday, made some thankyou cards for all the ladies who provided meals my first week after surgery

and I got to scrapbook!! Working on dgd's 2010 book. I have pics from this family event in March...I knew I wanted red with these pics. Thought red would really bring out the denim/black in the pics

for the lo design, I was inspired by the calendar pages from June's Scrapbook 51. Though they are a different size and the picture are horizontal not vertical...the disign is a basic lift. PP on the bottom, horizontal elements above pic and round top right oh and stitching. Though I did mine on 3 sides not all 4.

and here is the companion page. I don't do a lot of 2 page lo's but I do like the facing pages to co-ordinate. So, I used the same colored cardstock, other papers from MME Animal Crackers...and the design is also from that calendar., its next page.

uh oh, a problem, my attempt to sew the crochet flowers directly on the page, yeah, crooked. so had to improvise with more flowers, they are Prima, its okay, but a li'l bottom heavy.

so, a brief genesis of creating a page...ha!

the next set of pics also are 4 - 1/2 size gotta find an inspiration for a design...don't want to just keep 'lining them up' kwim??

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