Tuesday, September 2, 2008

gee, complete randomness...must be late!!

Here are a couple of pics of my new grandkitty.
He is just too much fun, he wakes up with a bounce and is ready to go!
Honestly, I could use a little of that bounce.

I got to go in my scraproom today, not to scrap, but to put stuff away. After a few days away, but just stepping in and smelling the paper felt pretty good.
Oooooh, I want a chance to scrap.

This Friday is my first of 3 appts for my infected tooth/jaw. Wonder how that is going to be. Not looking forward to that one.

We have a 'pool' going at the shop. Who is going to get pregnant first.
We have 3 young newly married young ladies to select from.
My dd, Cierra, my ddil, Nicole and Betsy, my work daughter. There are 'compelling' reasons to vote for each. Cierra and Chris, though not out and out trying are also not out and out preventing. Nicole and Jason are also talking about it being time, as he settles into his career. Betsy and Francisco, well, he's a little older than her, so its his 'clock' that is ticking. Today, in the middle of the day, Betsy stated she REALLY wanted some Honey Nut Cheerios...huh..? It is going to be fun to see who is first. My ONLY stipulation is that Nyki and Betsy cannot be pregnant at the same time, as that means they'll be on maternity leave at the same time.

ya'll do know, that I've not only collected baby scrap paper, but also some clothing for my future grandbabies...don't ya? Well, I have.

Well, better go to bed, starting to feel some pains in my jaw.
Have a great Weds!!


Sarah C. said...

You are totally cracking me up! And reminding me of my Christmas visit to my mom's house. DH & I had just celebrated our 4th anniv. Mom said, "just a heads up - there's a crib in the room you are staying in." She said it was for my step-brother's son and cousin's son since they were visiting during the holidays as well. Uh huh. I joked with her that she could just *say* she wanted grandkids instead of sticking a crib in our room. LOL :D

And as for the grandkitty - CUTIE! :) Sending good vibes & prayers for the tooth/jaw.

Noelia said...

What a cute kitty! I hope your appt. at the dentist goes well. On the bright side, maybe that will give you some time off for you to scrap a little :)

:: gingerkitty :: said...

ahhhadorable I love cats!!