Thursday, June 11, 2009

all is calm...right now

wow, last night was weird..

C came home from work @ 6pm. We went to Academy, to pick up a pair of shoes...while at the cash register, the gal asks if it is raining yet. We told her no...C had seen some lightning on the way home, but we did not see anything bad. We get in the car...and all of a sudden...winds...rain...darkness. C says she hopes we don't get hail, and when we get home, Chris steps outside to put the cars in the garage.

C is in the bathroom getting out of her work clothes, when we hear a small crash..
"Oh my goodness, C, part of your backyard tree just hit your bedroom window!" (not enough to break anything). We run to the backyard to bring in the bbq and chair and stuff, cuz we don't want more stuff to fly at windows.

At this time, Chris runs in...the tree out front also broke in half. Luckily, it fell away from the house. I'm not sure, but I think Chris goes to the neighbor's, who has a weather radio...we have nothing, no internet, satellite, and power goes out briefly.

He runs back in and tells us to get in the small bathroom's bathtub. C asks, 'can't we go in the master tub?" he says, 'No, gotta go in the room with no windows"...he grabs the mattress, we grab the animals, C and I get in the tub. Chris goes back to the neighbor's to stay updated. Now, my cell phone did not work, but C's did. So, I am on the phone with dh...'what can you tell me about Fort Worth and Tarrant County". Tornado Warning.

We get conflicting reports, 5 tornadoes in Denton.. moving NW...very confusing.

Chris comes in and tells us to go ahead and leave the bathroom...but we leave the cats...and if we hear something that sounds like a freight train, get back in with the mattress and the dog. He grew up in Oklahoma and knows a bit about tornadoes.

But when his grandma (from OK) calls him and tells him its in Plano,over an hour away, he feels its safe for us to get 'back to normal'...we eat, get tv back...and eventually internet.

I got a few pics of the trees and rain...lets see how they turn out.

all night, there was rain and lightning and thunder..and this morning, it was nuts!...but its settled down, take a deep breath...w o w!

I did go to CVS to buy a battery operated weather radio for the kids. The gal at CVS told me the Walmart across the street is closed, due to no power. There are several stoplights not working on the roads, and flooded streets. You can also see trees and fences that were knocked down.

Chris wants C to keep a radio in the bathroom...just in case this kind of thing happens when she is home by herself. AYE YI YI!!

I grew up in Houston, but I've never experienced anything so sudden and violent before. Well, not that I can remember. This did scare me, but none of us that was good, right?

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Anonymous said...

You all just need to come home to CA!!!!! M~