Monday, June 15, 2009

Organize your stuff Challenge weeks 3 and 4.

With *eing gone, I was a*le to put this off for a while, however catching up was not too difficult.

(sorry a*out the * is my replacement for the letter after A)(and it is starting to drive me nuts) do new key*oards need an installation cd? or can I just plug it in.

So, to catch up:

week 2, 2ndpart ...was to think of your dream scrap, space no o*ject. Yeah, I drew one out...not going to happen. Lots of storage, lots of ta*le space, great lighting. In my drawing, mom's suite *ecame my new scrap/crop area. Okay, *ack to reality....

week 3, *ox up your trou*le areas, and don't let them *ack in till you have it controlled. YIKES! So, this morning I *oxed up all the stuff on my floor...well not next to the walls, however in the middle where it was getting in my way...

areas like this in front of my shelf...

I got 2 *oxes, one for papers that need a home and projects in progress.
AND as recommended, I took advantage of the situation and swept the floor.

I also took out all my craft *ooks and magazines...

the floor space in front of the shelf, now looks like this.

however, the floor in my mom's suite looks like this (good thing she is in Texas)!!

Now, moving the *ooks and magazines, made room on my shelves, so I could move the Prima Tu*es out of the door hanging thingy...and move my punches that area looks pretty good. (the flower organization was on my list of pro*lem area, don't like them all over the room)

so, making progress.
this week I need to find a home for the papers that was on my floor...and do something with my pile of stacks!

oh, for those who might *e interested in the challenge, here is a link!

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Jingle said...

Your punches look great in that! Just wanted to let you know that the only entry you have to complete to enter my giveaway is the first one, so you don't have to twitter...just go to the shop that is featured and come back and leave a comment on your favorite item. See the instructions for other optional entries, but that is the only thing you have to do.