Friday, June 19, 2009

making progress...

my scraproom is looking pretty good. at least the paper side is coming together..teehee.

(I'm using dh's computer) I have a B again...let me do that again, B, b, B, b, B!!!!!

I babysat last night...THIS time, I put her down when she was awake!! and held her while she there. ppppbbbbbbllllttt!!!

We went to a park bench dedication for my sis in law (who passed away last May)..ddil dressed Adriana in a pretty purple/green dress. (if I was at MY computer, I could post a pic) ha...

It was nice to see the people who loved and miss Michelle get together to honor her memory. she was such a genuine person, who embraced life and people and loved to cook and had the most beautiful smile. So much about her to admire...and miss.

I have taken today off. My Uncle and Cousin are driving up from the LA area for the weekend. So, I've taken today off to spruce up the house and prep the guest rooms and bathrooms. Gosh, I think the kids were 8 and 10 the last time we got a chance to visit (my uncle lives and works overseas)...sooo cool!

I've been transforming my mom's room. Taking out all the sunflower stuff...and some of my scrap stuff is starting to spill into the suite area. oh my!! (another reason the actual room is looking good? nah)

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