Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've been living with older cats for so long, I've actually forgotten what 'turds' these younger ones are...esp Colby who thinks his only job in life is to get into what you are he just tried to snag the ice from my cup!!

Yesterday morning, I was dumb enough to bring out the folding mesh laundry basket I've been using. First thing he did was get in it...2nd thing he did was leap at me as I walked by. OUCH got a claw in my leg. But I blame myself, I forgot.

He was sweet while I was taking a nap. Laid at my feet...of course 'just out of reach' for pets.

Then he was playing with Sadie, hiding under the bed to paw at her...and as I watched, he opened the bottom drawer of the ikea get in!
(kids say he's also figured out how to open the shower door) I got pictures!!

I have locked him in the bathroom cabinet (accidently!) it has a child proof latch..I had to retrieve something, forgetting that he goes into any open space.
Till I heard him trying to push the thing open.

He's been on top of the fridge, on top of the cabinets, and leaps on top of the computer, he is not graceful, so he also knocks things over as he does it.

As dsil's screen saver scrolls by...he paws at it...and plays with the 'other kitty' when he sees a mirror. He takes great pictures, cuz while your wrist strap is dangling, he tries to paw it.

All I can say is 'its a good thing he is so darn cute!!'

And a good thing the kids' puppy, Sadie, is so mellow and sweet!! and patient. She is the perfect companion and balance for this cat!

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Cierra Marie said...

awww my colby jack is too cute! you know you love him!