Monday, June 15, 2009

guess my li'l guy missed me..

the night I returned, dh suggested I take a shower..after all I had spent the day in airports and on airplanes and who KNEW What I had *een exposed to...right?

During my shower, Percy, stayed at the *athroom door...and meowed...he spent the entire night at my side. (which he rarely does)...Sunday night was more 'normal', he did give me cuddles *ut went on to do his own 'thing'.

Over the weekend, he was following me around. Like he did not want me out of his sight. It was sweet. Like my ddil said, "we just lost Marsh..he pro*a*ly did not understand that you were coming home."

dh says the 10 days I was gone, Percy did not 'warm up' to him and give him cuddles at all. (it took almost 7 years for Percy to let dh pet him at all)

Yup, the Purr-man is definately a 'momma's *oy'...


Lida said...

Aawww your kitty sure missed you, glad you are home safe and getting tons of cuddles.

Sarah C. said...

Awww...what a sweetie Percy is. Definitely a momma's boy and that is a-ok. :)