Monday, June 8, 2009

I have computer access again!

it is really weird going without computers...but also kinda nice...hmmmmm

had a blast at GASC. took 8 classes (I had originally signed up for crop and shop for 4 people, 2 days; but my sister's house flooded so she had to cancel...instead of being 'out' the funds, I switched to classes)

Day 1: 3 layouts by Scraptique (the club for Scrapbooks and Stickers) the papers and embellies...though I did do it 'my' way on the layouts..this is the 'dangerous' booth for me. I think half my budget was spent there...

Wonderfully Whimsical by Memory Maker's Stacy Etheridge...I took 2 classes from her, this one and She's a Crafty Girl. HIGHLY recommend her classes. Not exactly my 'style' but fun and I feel like I learned things that will take me 'out of the box'.
lot of finger painting, so be prepared to be messy...yes, I was the one with the wipe...I can't stand messy, hands!!

I am Thankful by Melissa Francis..taught by Melissa Francis! The kits did not arrive, so we had to make some quickly, did not have all the 'stuff' but ...very nice!! LOVE her style..and her! When you get past the Canadian accent, jk!

Day 2: an acrylic album class by Storytellers Club...a li'l disappointing...she just 'taught' the album, no techniques for thinking out your own...and I don't like their know the picture of a flower as opposed to a flower..

Glitter, Flutter and Shimmer by SEI..this class needed more time...but it was cool.
learned to make folded envelopes and an origami burst frame. and I loved the Loverbirds paper...but don't schedule a class for immediately afterward, you may not get the chance to finish.

a purse album by Scrapbook Barn (a store in Dallas)...very cute, good instructions, I feel like I can now make one of my own. She did explain her thought process for selecting how it is going to flow, esp the 2 pages facing each other.

a 'paperclip' calendar by Crystal Reiger using Prima...oh my, loved this...but I LOVE Prima. (she had a funny Canadian accent also)...she did a lot of reuse and recycle...I like that.

I'm at dd's computer, so can't post pics of the projects. But I really enjoyed myself.

Also got a trip to Archivers in Houston on Sat...and my dsil just took me to Hobby Lobby.

So, I guess, I'm officially broke. Oh well, but I am one happy broke person!!

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