Monday, June 29, 2009

I won!

woke up to a great email...the online crop I participated in...I was one of 3 top point accumulators..and I won a gift certificate. Whoo hoo! I can buy scrap stuff!!

I went cropping Venice and started Rome for dd's book. But got a li'l tired of doing them so....serious.. Used elegant papers and tried to give them an old world style. but, I dunno...they look elegant...but I kinda like bold pops of color and fun. (more whimsy) Guess, as I unpack..I'm gonna figure out ways to add those elements to the pages.

maybe I'll post a couple of pics and ya'll can help me.

the hostess of the crop has a li'l girl who is 5 years old. She is a duplicate of my dd at that age. All of it, dancing, strong will, bit of a perfectionist...okay, C was a li'l more tomboyish..L is the picture of girly femininity. After her nap, we got to talking...she loves tinkerbell and had some wings to decorate. She gave me one of the flowers from the package...anyways, it made my day when as I was leaving she asked if I wanted a hug.

I stopped by Nyki's on the way home. I was given some salmon by the hostess...anyways, I got a li'l Adriana time!! whoohoo!! of course she just slept in my arms, there is something about my 'grandma pillows' that put babies to sleep!!
guess you can say, I carry my own 'boppy'!!! ha!!!

So, this has been the best weekend you can imagine...cropping every day, Adriana time every day, a hug from L and a gift cert.

There was emotion over the weekend also. Both my young men (ds,dsil)needed a kick in the pants, but both my young ladies(ddil,dd) took care of it. Just hope both couples as willing to truly look at things and work on the changes that are needed. AND

while packing for the crop, I watched a small portion of Independance Day...just in time for the speech...and for Russell Case to fly into the, the tears were pouring!!

AND my long lost uncle has been found! We have not heard from Uncle Donald in 30 years. My cousing, Aimmee, sent a letter to the military asking them to forward it to him...and he responded. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to see an email from "Uncle Donald". He is 10 years younger than my dad, and in our childhood, I remember the outgoing, exhuberant, handsome young man who would come to visit. I loved my Uncle Duck (that's what we called him) anyways...I told him I still think of him as Uncle Duck..and that is how he's been signing his emails. YAY!!

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