Wednesday, June 24, 2009


my baking skills, still need work...but it was YUMMY!!!!

well, work is drama right now. It has way slowed down and there was another round of layoffs...but the drama quotient is up! Or maybe as people fight for their jobs, they are complaining more about how others are doing theirs. I dunno.

BUT, as the boss's wife, I was kept in the dark...I kinda wish I still was.
and as the boss's wife, how much do I talk to him about, how much is just people venting...all I can do is encourage them to go to Michael. I love Michael, but he can be so THICK sometimes. aye yi yi!

I haven't been able to scrapbook much this past week, just work on some challenge layouts for the Scrap your Vacation. I've got Friday off, so I plan to do some then.

I'm at a 4 day work week...and stay clocked in only about 4 hours per day. There just isn't much for me to do this time of month. In the beginning, I'm busy closing the month for 2 companies...but once that is done and sales tax is done...ho hummmm.
So, I'll be busy next week...but this week...snooze-ola.

One cool thing, while my Uncle Phil was visiting, we pulled out the Wilson family pictures..he ended up taking a lot of he is going to Indiana to visit some from his mom's side, and they may be able to identify some of the pics. I got this big shoebox of wonderful old photos...none marked! He thinks some of the really old ones are from the Wilson side, then we are in trouble, cuz he does not think there is any of his dad's; my grandpa's family left. We'll have better luck with his mom's side. We did find his parent's wedding certificate. I'll scan that soon.

and one relative, Sarah Alameda Wilson, must have been the 'Donald Trump' of Indiana in the early 1900's...we found so many land deeds with her name on it...buying and selling.

time to start my day! Ya'll have a great humpday!!

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Audrey said...

I'm not a pro in the kitchen either...but I'm enjoying the learning process!