Saturday, June 13, 2009


yay! and poo-ey... I already miss the kids, *ut it is good to *e home. (*='s the letter after is stuck again) I have spent the morning unpacking, doing laundry and listening to my Pandora station..downloading pics and now printing for

already exhausted... here are some 'highlights' of the trip

here is Col*y, the naughty cat...he opened this drawer *y himself! such a stinker!
he is the su*ject of my post a couple of days ago, lets just say, with him...if you can 'get into' it...he will. good thing he is soooo darn cute!!

here is my companion for the past week, this has to *e the sweetest pup ever.
Her name is Sadie, she is so patient with Col*y and just follows you around the house. She is a genuine sweetheart.

Damage from the storm...the only tree on the *lock! teehee. Chris rented this *uzzsaw the next clear it out.

My angel doing her 'sweeps'...just love the way the light from her laptop lit her face...I loved the evenings we stayed home and just 'hung out'...

and some of my goodies purchased in Ft Worth , GASC, and can see why I LOVE my Texas trips! (the 2nd pic is of all the kits from the

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rmeyfe said...

How was GASC!! I really wanted to go but it just didn't happen this year!! Love your pictures of your babies!!