Thursday, June 25, 2009

a couple of things...

Organize your stuff challenge this week is about the scraps. right now, my scrap storage is fine. I have a sterilite film with file dividers for the cardstock which is sorted by color. And my pp scraps are in a bin on the same shelf. Makes it easy to grab a scrap of cardstock..but I don't use the pp much. But then, I don't make cards very much. I should...

I'm still working on my projects/kits storage. Last night, I worked on seperating pics/papers/ephemera for the books about dd's Europe semester. I'm actually very close to finishing this project. BUT I cannot find some pics from the Greece portion that I KNOW I printed and put in a kit for future scrappin'. Its driving me crazy!

so, I guess I've got to revisit my kit storage. Right now, I have the kits that fit into a season and the very themey ones in Cropper Hoppers. Others are in another bin. with the most recent in front.

Bad Girls stopped making regular scrappin kits, so I no longer subscribe from them. But looking at the website....they are still soooooooooo coooool!!!

I still get my 'I am a Scrapaholic' and 'Stampin'Up by Stephanie' kits. (and occassionally order a 'Jenni Bowlin' kit)(like this month's that is filled with Cosmo Crickets Early Bird) and every other month, I get the SEI maxi kit. hmmmmm, what is the best way to store these.

I'm off tomorrow and I get to babysit!! I'm starting to get Adriana withdrawals.
and I have a crop on Sunday...sooooo, if I find that bag with the Greece pictures...I'll be in great shape! ha!!


Jingle said...

Looks like you have a system that works! Don't forget that you can use patterned paper scraps on layouts! You don't ONLY have to use them on cards! That is how they came to be in the first place! You cut a small piece of the paper to use on your layout! :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't think I could touch my scraps to organize them. I don't have much room to begin with and to organize those things might require adding onto the house. hahahahaha.

I took several Cropper Hopper Sticker Envelopes that weren't currently being used and made page kits out of them. It's funny, though, because the first couple of kits I made I only put one lay-out per 'envelope'. Now they each have 3 or 4. I don't like to waste space. hahahaha

Scrappinraiderfan said...

Great blog! Looks like you have some great ideas to organize your scrap stuff.