Friday, June 26, 2009

I've done good this morning...

pretty productive...washing sheets, towels...catboxes...recycling, sinks, dishes..hmmmm sure do miss my mommy!! anyways, for me, the trick is turn on the Pandora Radio not the tv!! just took my lunch break.

I've also done 2 layouts for dd's Europe album. Pics from Bratslava...the Prague is next. Got my calibration card for my Slice...and I liked my slice before..but I can see a difference. Got the embossing tips and will try to use them on the nextlayout.

Turns out I won't babysit today, its been switched to next Friday. BUT we stopped by last night, so I got my Adriana fix. (I'm turning the flash off to photograph her, dh was worried about her eyes and all the pics I take. This is on portrait mode.) BUT I will see her and Nyki tonight, we are going to Betsy's to celebrate her (Betsy's) birthday.
Betsy is our co-worker who had her daughter, London, a month after Adriana. I'm gonna be in 'hog heaven' with 2 babies to spoil!!! teehee.

my credit cards were taken away from me last night. Apparently, according to dh I spent @$490 last month. But remember it was GASC and my trip to TX!! Geeeee!!

(oh well, its probably for the best)

but don't worry, I have my password for my online shopping..ppppbbbbbllllttt!!!!

lunch break is over! time to scrap that pic from the Prague!! I am told that weekend, dd and her friends went to Vienna..but I don't recall any pics from there. She is looking for me.

Oh, found those Greece pics yesterday...the ones stuck in a, I'll probably take them to Sunday's crop. or if I decide to do the Pages in Time online crop tomorrow. yay!!


nyki said...

i may be biased but we made one good looking baby!!:)

KarenSue said...

gotta agree with ya!!