Tuesday, June 9, 2009

tuesday...my vaca is coming to an end...

so far, I've had fantastic food!! Lots of treadmill time for me when I get home!!

we arrived Weds last week, met dd at BJ's ...we shared a sandwich and had pazookie...hmmmmmmmm, talk about yummy.

Thursday, met dd and dsil, they took us to Babe's Chicken...oh my, talk about an experience! the chicken fried steak is 'melt in your mouth' and the fixin's are great also.

Friday, the kids had to go to a play for his class, so mom and I went to Cracker Barrel...oh, those chicken and dumplings...I was drinking the juice!!

Saturday, drove to Houston, then went to Escalantes...heaven on earth...that white queso...incredible...though the waitress was less than pleasant.

Sunday, came back to Ft Worth...dd made us a 'green bean' casserole...layer of grnd beef, rice, green beans and cream of chick soup...easy..but yummy.
(and both days in the car, we had Whataburger)

Yesterday, Monday, dsil took me to 'which wich' sandwich shop...fun place, pretty yummy and when dd came home she made us grilled tuna melts w/tomato soup.

Today, we are supposed to go to Papasitos, the kids tell me the fajitas are 'to die for'...but I'm an enchilada gal.

Weds, we are going to a chapel service..so who knows where dinner will be...
and on Thursday, we are going to 'stay in' and have pizza and watch Taken. dd and I saw it in Houston, but dsil has not seen it yet. It definately is a movie to watch a couple of times...cuz i'm sure in the 'thrill' of the first viewing we missed alot.

I am also enjoying my grandkitty, Colby and grandpuppy, Sadie. Colby is "grade A" naughty and Sadie is soooooo sweet. DD tried to bring other cats for Colby to be friends with...but he is just too rough..so, Sadie is the perfect playmate...she can take his roughness, but not respond with too much...like a typical dog COULD.

AND dd has a little scrap area set up in the guest bedroom. She scraps a little, so I've been adding some stuff to it and plan to spend some time finishing her graduation album.

I'll leave Friday afternoon. It will be good to see dh and Percy again...but, I sure am gonna miss the kids!!

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