Saturday, April 23, 2016

packing for a!

I have a crop next weekend, looking so forward to it.  It is a group of gals, @12, we rent a 'cabin' from a Camp in Northern CA...and enjoy a weekend of cropping, visiting....and bras are optional.

So, this week I have been watching youtube videos about packing for crops.  Would love to get some hints to cut my packing down.  I, as you can imagine, take way too much.

I usually pick a theme, like this year it is I just bring kits, pads, embellies that go with the theme.   I even separate by day...what I will scrapbook Friday and Saturday, so part of it stays in the car...and I switch them out in the morning.  This works here as we are parked close by.

This is the view from the back of my car...not seen is another scrapbooking rolling case, a small rolling suitcase, my wagon and another of the gray holder on the bottom right.

I like to bring the tray table to hold my tools and cell phone while it is being charged within reach.  I don't usually take my cricut, but will take my slice for the occasional diecut, usually letters. Access to electricity is not a problem, I just bring an extension cord.

 Just a close up of the washi ring.   These stay on the ring, gives me a nice range of colors, just in case.

The 2 gray totes fit perfectly in my wagon..  I can use my wagon at Expo crops, it is my kinda under the side table catch all and storage...but it is not so good to sit at the cabin. takes too much room, so I take it back to the car after unloading.  

 I use this bag for my project life cards and kits and stamps.

So, this year I would love to make kits...then I won't need a seperate rolling tote for cardstock and pp.
This old black rolling case, was my cardstock case, but it leans...and is a pain in the "kiestah' so I bought a rolling crate...and hope to use this instead of the rolling suitcase for basic crop tools.  You know the shelf, crop cutter, extension cord, first aid kit, ott light.

One of the videos, the one linked on the 2 Peas Refugee thread that talks about packing for crops, by Inkie Quill, shows her packing up a Raskog cart.  That seems interesting...may have room for it where I usually put the tv tray...but how do you get a packed cart from the house to the car to the cabin?   

Okay, I guess instead of talking about it ,  I need to go in there and work on it.  I have a little over an hour before I need to go to work.   I know it is Saturday, but I work most Saturday mornings...not the Nanny part but the accounting part.  Little guy was not feeling well this week...a couple of days he took a good nap, but not yesterday...super fussy and did not want to be put down.  Soooo, gotta go in and finish one of the Company's reports.

Then, dh hired a young lady to help with the grout dust in the master suite and living room.  We will need to go from top to bottom...walls, every surface to clean that stuff off.   We do have dust masks.

So, gotta get to it.  right?


BehindtheWoodVeneer said...

Bras optional? Love it!

Alyssa said...

It's been so long since I've been to a crop. I am going to my first retreat later this year--I have no idea how I will go about it. LOL. Hope you have fun!

Anne B said...

Have fun at your crop! I don't usually go to any now, but have been to a few day ones in the past. I usually pre-cut and prepare items and pack them into page or card kits, just taking along a minimum of things.

LisaDV said...

I typically don't go to crops, but I used to always do page kits. Need to start those again. love the washi ring! Where did you get that?

Catherine1216 said...

How lucky you are to go to a crop. I haven't been to one for years.