Wednesday, April 27, 2016

a memory and a fave pic...

I was not a calm young mother, I was a bit of a perfectionist...and it took me a while to understand that you could not control children to have the picture perfect family.   This was one of the rough days, I don't remember if I called my fil or he called me...but when I let him know all was not well, he dropped everything and came straight from work.  And he did the most perfect things, he took my kids for a walk.  That is all. 

Glad I had a camera, and captured this.  

When dd requested this pic, I knew exactly where it was.  See, it is not in a book, but is one of the layouts that I will keep on a wall in my Scrap Suite...once we get the  Ikea curtain rod with hooks out of storage.

Mil brought boxes of pictures to the house, we started sorting last night.  Difficult, Beautiful, Meaningful... Dh is going to make a video presentation for the service...I am going to make a memorial scrapbook for mil.  ( will copy original pics as there are many who want copies)


Gramma Dee said...

What a beautiful page to showcase a wonderful memory.

(((HUGS))) to you and your family during this really emotional time.

Going through the photos is a wonderful way to remember your FIL's life and how it impacted everyone else. There will be lots of shared tears and laughter and more tears, but this experience will help with the healing.

Doing the scrapbook for your MIL will be healing for both of you. (((Hugs))) again.

Catherine1216 said...

Beautiful layout - what a sweet man.

Michelle G said...

A lovely memory, immortalised perfectly.

LisaDV said...

What a great layout and beautiful memory. So wonderful that you had a fil like that.