Sunday, April 24, 2016

scrap space peek

On 2 Peas is a thread about how our scrap space looks, well, here is mine.  I got the in-law suite.  I was in a small room but was 'spilling out' throughout the house.  After 10 years in the house, we are in the process of remodeling...and DH said I could have the suite, IF I stopped spilling out into the rest of the house.  So, I even have my own bathroom!!  ha!!

Here it is right after the reno., when it was just set up....and clean!!! ha!!!

The Table in the middle of the room, is where I set up the 'current' project.  Now, it has been my grandson's book since the beginning.  and the small table is my dgd #2's station...she is into stickers right now.  

This is where the actual crafting gets done...the station facing us is mine...the one with the scraponizer against the wall.   And the side one (next to the puppy) is dgd #1's..  She actually 'designed' our work space.  I was going to have the 2nd workstation against another wall...I know, who lets a (then) 5 year old design your space.  Grandmas do!!!

And this is my space this morning...I am packing for a crop...teehee...

Another busy day, dgd #1's birthday party is this afternoon...  Gotta remember to bring the camera..and get the pics for the 2016 book.  Think I can call her mom and ask her to make sure Adriana wears a certain color to go with my new Webster's Pages Celebration paper pack???


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LisaDV said...

Such a lovely and lively space. I think it's terrific that you've made space for you grandkids!