Thursday, April 21, 2016

more tool fun but no fun with work on the house

got to play with my last 2 new tools...
my Envelope Board...watched a youtube video and it was easy peasy...hoping to spend more time with it...saw something about making 'library' card envelopes...and saw one on a layout. 

ANd used my Fuse to create a couple of shakers.  The Life is beautiful was used on a layout already.  Another took I am looking forward to using more and playing with.

It has been one heck of a busy week.  Since Monday, I have spent only one waking hour at home.  Not complaining, I get to spend more time with my son's family.   He is a detective and left Tues morning to bring a suspect/witness back to CA from one of the other states.  So, I have been going to his house and helpind dil put the 3 kids to bed...she has a 6 month old, a 2 year old and the soon to be 7 year old.  It is quite the routine.   I get to hold baby, read to toddler and last night just hang out with child while she got ready for bed.  Another set of hands, another set of eyes...SIL is one busy woman.  I keep telling her to start saying 'no'...but she did ask 'what do I say no to?"

Tonight, son comes home from his trip, goes to Berkeley for training direct from airport...dil will meet him in Berkeley for I am there tonight to watch kids.  (I will have a teenager helping to be the extra set of hands/eyes)

Then tomorrow, I babysit daughter's baby so she and her hubs can go out and celebrate his birthday.

So, Saturday will be the day to do house cleaning and laundry and stuff.   OH!  housecleaning.

I am coming home from helping dil Tues night,  I call dh to tell him on my way home, he is still at his board meeting.  He tells me that when the guys were taking the tile out of the shower...they got tile dust...ON EVERYTHING...everything in the master bathroom, bedroom, and into the living room.

What?????   It was 9:30 at night, my bedtime is 8!   Luckily dh did do some initial vacumming...and I have been wiping some areas....but all in all...the house still needs cleaning in those areas. 
 BUT I have not been home to do it.  

And I had to tell them 'cease and desist'  at least it was before they tore into the shower wall.  In that shower I have a 2 valve handle.  I worked hard to get it...even had to have a regulator installed to make it CA code.  They were going to install a one valve ...cuz that is all dh could find at Lowes.  Yeah, cuz it is California.  So, I need to go online and find a 2 valve .   UGH  

We won't go into the faucet dh bought for the tub....luckily I was easily able to find one that matches the sinks that he picked out.   UGH

(it will be worth it, it will be worth it, it will be worth it)


Catherine1216 said...

Good luck with the shower.

Michelle G said...

When on earth do you find time to craft?

LisaDV said...

Wow! You've had such a busy week. Hope you get your home cleaned. Glad you at least got to play a bit.