Monday, April 25, 2016

Birthday Party time....

Oh, let me tell you, it was  good day...but they had it at a park that is also known for motor MILES into the canyon.  It was nice, but the drive, on a windy road...I got carsick and I was driving!

Good party, it is interesting when you become grandma at these is no longer you doing it, not in charge anymore!!  BUT opens you up to take pics and hold a baby or chase a, no complaints.

So here is the birthday girl, my dgd#1 Adriana.  7 years old on Weds...this is the only pic I have of her alone and looking at me.  I made her stop for it.  I have noticed that the past year or so, I only have 'action' pics or where she is looking at something else.   So, this is my Missy.  We used to be so close, like bff's....but now she has moved on...and I am chopped chicken liver.   Well, sometimes we get to 'hang out' and it is like old times.  siiiiiiiigh, she is also my Caramel...We decided on nicknames based on personality...she is Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramel...cuz sometimes she is sweet, sometimes she is salty.   You know, the 7 going on 14 thing.  siiiiiiigh
Here is my youngest grandchild, at least till July.  Joshua...I call him Josh-i-pooh.  He is such a good natured baby, his mom calls him her 'little angel'.   My son calls him 'my clone'.  Yes, he is the spitting image of my son.   So, this is the one I refer to as dgs#2 (#1 I will introduce y'all to tomorrow).  He is fast moving...seems to be developing the physical stuff quickly (like his dad) Guess with 2 big sisters he has to catch up.
Oh, the pinata.  When ds pulled this out of the car, I gave him a hard time.  He assured me that the birthday girl did pick it out.  They even used one of their light sabers to hit him with.  siiiiigh, but the kids did have a good time with it.
and this is my little sweetie pie.  Kyleigh, or as I call her Kyleighbear.  She is my little Sparkle, for she sparkles from the inside out.  She was a 'prickly' baby, real clingy to mom...but I told her, "I'm not worried, someday we will be best friends" and right now we are. (prob till she starts school and I become chopped chicken liver) (siiiiigh)

   Now, there are some members of the family who call her Cobra, for Cobra Ky..siiiigh, just because she is a bit feisty and "on her own program".  Feisty is good, my dd was a strong willed child and grew up to be a wonderful, strong woman.  


LisaDV said...

Your grandchildren are adorable! I'm sure the birthday girl had a wonderful day. You are very blessed.

Catherine1216 said...

Grandchildren are the most wonderful part of life.

Jacqueline Bruce said...

Sounds like a wonderful day.