Monday, April 18, 2016

Spent some time in the scraproom, finished a couple of things

I have been taking part in a blogging challenge on 2 Peas Refugess blogging challenge

Finished the project life card organization.   yay!  I can see my floor in front of my shelf again.  It is sucha good feeling.  Of course a little organizing leads to more organizing.  So I removed my old journaling cards from my raskog cart and replaced them with my die cuts.     And I am thinking...these need a better system also. 

The white iris case under the green is actually EMPTY.   There is something about taking stuff out of packaging that really makes some room.  I do need to label.

I actually bought this basket for my kids' kitchen.  But they were using it in the garage to hold recyclables.   WELL, I I gave them an old Amazon box for that function and took this is fact I am searching for another one.
And here is a quick look of a set of cards in their Avery envelope (cards came from Hobby Lobby)
I just have a couple of the envelopes 25 per package, 2 packages...over 45 sets of cards!

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LisaDV said...

It's looking good!