Monday, April 11, 2016

making progress...kinda

I am participating in a blog challenge at 2 Peas is the link for the reading list.  It is for the month of, when I go to the list, I go to the last, click, click, till I get to one I have read already.   2 Peas Refugees blog challenge

So many piles in my life,  I have a stack of cassette tapes that I need to sort and organize.  I went through the first wave, of those that I am just going to toss.  But now have a pile that IF I am going to keep I need to sort.  These are the classical music cassette's my dad made, teaching tapes...that sort of thing.  The music ones, except for a couple, I figured if I have not gotten the cd version yet...I just was not that into it.

There is also the pile of sheets and blankets on the guest room bed...cleaned but not made, yet. 

unfinished, but at least started....the project life card redo.    I bought the Avery Elle Storage Pockets that were recommended on 2 Peas Refugees  for storing stamps.  Though they are not a perfect fit, I am able to keep collections together.  The easiest was the Gossamer Blue subscription.  I just looked on the website and was able to label them by month.  Some of the embellies, I did separate, as I felt I would use them interchangeably.   They have their own shoe box.

Then I sat down to tackle the actual project life collections.  After sitting for a minute, I took this pic.  Imagine me sitting in the middle of that...and just being lost.   And that was my progress, until after a nap.   I was overwhelmed.

After the nap, I did come back to it and at least put the collections together...the 4x6's with the 3x4's...into the Avery envelopes...and closed them with washi tape.  Some are marked with their name, most are not.  As they are older collections, I will probably go to Ebay to try to label them.  I chose the Blue bin as their home.   I had a collection that had way too many for me, so I separated them into 3...I think I am going to give away one of the sets...and set aside the other for...who knows? 

I do need to buy another set of Avery Envelopes.   Just in case you are interested...Avery Envelopes
I've already almost gone thru the 25...

Another unfinished but making progress project is my layout.  I've been playing with the pieces as I walk by....almost there.

AND I was able to install my VivoFit (fitbit band)  on Friday.  It actually was not too hard, once you install the software...there were step by step PICTURES!  So I was able to do it, not only on my computer, but also on my phone.  So far, so good, able to hit step goal.  (3 days in).

Saturday was super busy...non stop...included 3 hours of dusting with the young lady from youth group.  3 hours...and we are not done with my house!  So I would go up and down the step ladder and hand her the knickknack....I got over 7k steps in that day!! 

Food was not under control.  We went to my dd's and dsil's house for dinner on Saturday...and last night to a friend''s.  But I stepped on the scale this morning...and have lost a little over a pound.  In 3, feeling hopeful that I can do this.  IF I get the food under control.

So, unfinished...but making progress there also.

Oh!  I did compose a haiku to my Vivofit...

Vivofit, my friend
Show me the error of my way
I will make new paths


Anne B said...

Sounds like you're making great progress with your goals - fun to see it all coming together.

Amy Vanden brink said...

Love your haiku!!

darkchami said...

It sounds like you really are making some steps in the right direction. I absolutely need to declutter, work out, and get my food under control as well. Thanks to you, I think I will find something small to declutter today.

Michelle G said...

Wow you're getting loads done, keep up the good work.

Melissa Priest said...

Love the haiku! I really need to try my hand at one!