Friday, April 15, 2016

halfway there for blog challenge, wanna share my loot

Halfway there....  I am participating in a Blog Challenge on 2 Peas Refugees  blogging challenge

the challenge is to up our blogging and to have a goal of 21 posts for the month of April

It has been fun, I am blogging more...also getting to know the ladies I've been 'threading' with for a while now.  I am challenged to be more organized, crafty and ...hmmmm, fulfill a commitment.

What I have been doing is prepping entry with the pic the night before,  hit save...then in the morning write the blog before clocking in for work.  Normally I have from @6:30 am to 7:30 am to do my own thing on the computer.   My day starts when my grandson wakes up...then I am Nanny Grammy.  A job I absolutely LOVE.  Like, when I get in the car @6 ish, I am happy, because I know I get to spend my day with him.

It is a long day, as I have to work my dd and dsil's hours plus commute.  There are days dd works from home, so we do not have is not one of those days.

so, quick blog.

One of this months projects has been to organize my project life/ pocket page cards.  While organizing on Saturday...I decided to seperate the below set.  Just had way too many.  I usually buy mine through Ebay or Etsy from people who are splitting their core kits...just way too many for me.  (but I do have a core kit that was half price on its way to me as I type)(so there may be another giveaway when I get it)

If anyone knows the name of this set...I would sure appreciate it.

And if anyone would like me to mail them this very set...please just leave me a comment on this post before next Friday, the 20th...and I will put the names in a jar...and send this out to you.  Due to mailing costs, please keep this in the USA.  Comment about scrapbooking ... your favorite pages to scrap, paper lines (since I recently did posts about mine)  .... oh, if you have a PL set you just love and find you use....and would recommend to a fellow collector, errr..user.  I have both granddaughters and, I am not limited to type.


Catherine1216 said...

You made it to the half-way mark. This challenge has been fun. I don't know who designed your kit, but I love the colors. I'm terrible with remembering names of product makers.

stefani said...

I like to think that I do Project Life, but currently it's all just in a big pile.

Stefani | Dreams of Nyssa