Monday, April 25, 2016

more grandbaby bragging.

Since I am 'bragging' on my grandbabies, here is Jase daughter's first baby (#2 is on his way)...I refer to him as dgs#1.  My first grandson.

He is a good natured baby boy...except when food is involved.  Then he becomes a German yelling little monster...ha!  He yells 'Ein!! Ein!!!".   (really it sounds like German)  He is simple adorable.  

This is the little guy I get to babysit everyday.  I am just too lucky, LOVE this job, I actually smile every day as I drive to work.  My nicknames for him are Stinkerdoodle and Mr. Goofington...and of course, Precious Baby and Silly Boy.

For a long time I kept thinking he looks like a cartoon baby, but could not place it...till we walked into Togos and the gal behind the counter said "Jack Jack".  That's it, he is Jack Jack from the Incredibles!!


darkchami said...

He is Jack Jack! Btw, I feel the same way about food. :)

LisaDV said...

Jack, Jack! Too funny! He's adorable!

Catherine1216 said...

He does resemble Jack Jack. He is adorable.